List Of Apple Product Recalls And Repair Programs

Have you ever had your Mac or iPhone recalled by Apple? Fortunately, this is a rare event. I believe I have personally bought about 10 Macs over the past 35 years and 4 iPhones over the past 12 years. One of my Macs and one of my iPhones needed to be repaired under an Apple recall. Of course Apple does nott actually use the word recall. Instead, they call them Exchange and Repair Extension Programs. You can find all of Apple’s current repair programs on their web site.

Over the past year Apple has initiated 4 repair extension programs for certain Mac laptops. I have had to refer to these programs frequently to determine if a specific Mac is affected by one of the recalls. Thus, it’s useful to know that Apple lists all of their active exchange and repair extension programs in one place.

You don’t need to do anything now. In other words, you likely do not need to visit Apple’s repair extension program page and enter your Mac’s serial number to see if your Mac is affected by any of the recent recalls,

When possible, Apple will email Mac owners to indicate that their particular Mac is covered by one of these programs, much the same way car manufacturers notify car owners if their car is affected by a recall program. Additionally, if you are a subscriber to my Remote Monitoring and Management program, I do my best to alert you when your Mac is affected by one of the repair extension programs.