Remote Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

I’m excited to offer a remote monitoring, maintenance and support service (RMMS). This system actively monitors the health of your Mac and sends me email alerts if problems are detected so we can nip them in the bud. I’ll then contact you with instructions on how you can resolve the issue. Or, you can ask me to resolve it remotely. My remote support time is billed at my regular hourly rate.

While I hope that everybody sees the value in this full suite of tools and services, however, since I find Watchman Monitoring, so helpful that I offer it for free, by itself, to all of my customers even if you don’t sign up for my full RMMS service.


The 3 primary features of my remote monitoring, maintenance and support service (RMMS) are:

  1. Automated remote monitoring of Macintosh computers using Watchman Monitoring. This includes, but is not limited to the monitoring of:
    • backup systems
    • hard drive fullness
    • hard drive health
    • laptop battery health
    • presence of malware
  2. Centralized management of software updates using Addigy. Important or urgent updates can be pushed out to all Macs. Additionally, updates which are known to be problematic could be blocked to prevent accidental installations. Or, for example, I can suppress Apple’s notifications about the most current version of the Mac operating system so you won’t have to be repeatedly notified. My tools allow me to produce detailed hardware and software inventories. This can be helpful when planning purchases for your home or business or if you ever need to complete a police report or insurance claim for stolen devices.
  3. Remote support and maintenance. I’ll have the ability to remotely connect to your Macs, iPhones and iPads using Splashtop Streamer to remotely resolve issues detected by the monitoring systems and/or to provide you with one-on-one troubleshooting and instruction.

Many more features are available, but these are the core features.

Basic Costs of RMMS
$125 per year for 1 Mac, billed annually. A little over $10 per month.

$250 per year for 2 or 3 Macs, billed annually. Essentially, this is buy 2, get the third one free. 

$500 per year for 4 to 6 Macs, billed annually. Essentially, this is buy 4, get 2 more for free.

If you have more than 6 Macs, contact me to get a price quote.

The cost covers my licensing costs and some of my time monitoring and responding to email alerts generated by this system. This cost does not include any remote support. My remote support time is billed at my regular hourly rate. 

Installation Instructions

Please follow these instructions to install Addigy on your Mac. I’ll then be able to install the other tools remotely.

  1. Download my Addigy installer.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder and double-click addigy-installer.pkg to open it.
  3. Click Continue when you’re notified that the package will determine if it can be installed.
  4. Click Continue again.
  5. Click Install
  6. Type in your administrative user account password and wait while the installation occurs.
  7. If you get a message that says “Installers want to access to control Finder” then click OK.
  8. If you get a message that says “bash wants access to control Finder” then click OK
  9. Once the installation has completed, click Close
  10. If you’re prompted to move the installer to the trash, click “Move to Trash” If not, and you’d like to do some clean-up you can return to your Downloads folder and drag the icon named addigy-installer.pkg to the Trash.

Important Note: If your Mac has macOS Mojave (aka macOS 10.14) or newer, installed then you’ll be asked to grant permission to a couple of items. Please go ahead and grant permission. Let me know if you have questions about the installation process.

System Requirements

These are the system requirements for the tools I use, as of early 2020:

  • Splashtop Streamer and Splashtop SOS require macOS 10.7 or newer
  • Splashtop SOS for iPhone and iPad requires iOS 10 or newer
  • Addigy requires MacOS 10.10 or newer
  • Watchman Monitoring requires MacOS 10.5 or newer

I can honestly say that Tim has taught me everything that I know about Macintosh computers.

Pete Adum
elementary school teacher

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