Remote Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

I’m pleased to offer a remote monitoring, maintenance and support service (RMMS). This system actively monitors the health of your Mac and if problems are detected it sends me email alerts. I’ll either remotely fix the issue and let you know that the situation has been resolved or contact you to schedule a remote support session. My remote support time is billed at my regular hourly rate.

This service is a requirement if you wish to work with me on an on-going basis.

If you’re a prospective customer, I’m happy to offer you one time before you decide if you’d like to sign-up for my RMMS service plan and work with me on an on-going basis.


The 3 primary features of my remote monitoring, maintenance and support service (RMMS) are:

Proactive Monitoring of Macintosh computers using Watchman Monitoring. This includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of:  

  • backup systems
  • hard drive fullness
  • hard drive health
  • laptop battery health
  • presence of malware

Remote Support and Maintenance – I have the ability to remotely connect to your Macs, iPhones and iPads using a product named Splashtop. I can provide you with troubleshooting support or training. I’m also able to remotely fix some problems. 

Inventorying – My tools allow me to produce detailed hardware and software inventories. This can be helpful when planning purchases for your home or business or if you ever need to complete a police report or insurance claim for stolen devices.

Basic Costs of RMMS

RMMS is billed $150 annually per Mac based on the number of Macs you have. Each third Mac is free.
$150 for 1 Mac
$300 for 2 Macs
$300 for 3 Macs
$450 for 4 Macs
$600 for 5 Macs
$600 for 6 Macs
$750 for 7 Macs
$900 for 8 Macs
$900 for 9 Macs
$1050 for 10 or 11 Macs
Please ask for quote if you have more than 11 Macs.

The cost covers my licensing costs and some of my time monitoring and responding to email alerts generated by this system. This cost does not include any remote support. My remote support time is billed at my regular hourly rate. 

Getting Started

Contact us to sign-up for the service. Tim will either help you get the software installed on your Mac or send you a link to download and install the applications yourself.

System Requirements

These are the system requirements for the tools I use, as of mid 2023:

Tim Hannon was recommended by a friend who knows I barely get around on the computer to fit my needs as a senior citizen. The time had come to buy a new computer and I would need help buying and setting it up and learn the navigation to meet my basic  needs. Tim came to my house and we ordered a new Apple Mac-book with the appropriate cords and returned the day after turning it on to add the necessary programs. I also bought his services for the year, which I will need as I use more of its capabilities. I highly recommend his support.

Pam Schell
Nov 2022

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