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Finding Tim Hannon has been a miracle for us.    We have been Mac users for 30 years, and as a scientist, I have a reasonable depth of knowledge about them.  But when it came to setting up our two new Macs we realized that doing it right (i.e., not by ourselves) would save us from future problems.   Tim did this with great expertise and made sure our Macs did exactly what we needed them to do.    Our interaction with him never felt rushed, and he explained what he was doing at every step and always carefully considered our questions and suggestions.   It is a comfort to know that he is always readily available to handle any problems that arise.   One of our new Macs suddenly started filling up with 50,000 mysterious files a day — we panicked.   We immediately contacted Tim and he worked jointly with us through a weekend to isolate and resolve the issue , and was a steady calming presence (the problem was not our Macs, but an external cloud service).   He is a pleasure to work with in all respects, and has already been worth far more than his very reasonable charges.

Bob and Ann Preston
Seattle, May 2024

Tim Hannon is a most professional and polite person. He brings years of tech skills to each client.
He is so very knowledgeable and efficient. He also keeps up with his customers to ensure they are backing up their computers.
I appreciate his expediency and care with my issues.

Leslie Oldham
Langley, Nov 2023

If you’ve ever wished you had tech support I’d highly recommend you consider Tim Hannon of Sound Support & Solutions. I’d been limping along on my own for years, paying attention to articles to try and keep up to date but truthfully, tech for me is just a means to an end. It is not something I love or have an affinity for, so it always comes last on my list. Yet with data security such a huge concern these days, and fraud, phishing and malware getting so sophisticated. I finally hit a wall. My computer got infected with a Bing hijack, which was relatively benign as malware goes but was incredibly cumbersome to deal with and after months of doing work-arounds I finally contacted Tim, based on a recommendation from a friend.
He removed the malware remotely in about 30 seconds. And he did it, as well as quite a bit of other “housekeeping” I was in need of, while keeping up a very easy to understand explanation of what he was doing, and why, as he was doing it.
Long story short, I signed on with Tim for ongoing remote monitoring to catch anything unintended that ends up on my computer, for what I think is a pretty reasonable fee. I also had him help me reconfigure how I was managing my data in preparation for buying my new computer, and he assisted with the data migration process. Tim is very pleasant to work with, an excellent communicator, and happy to customize his services based on my preferences and needs. Everything beyond the remote monitoring service is based on a (prorated) hourly consult fee. Given the stakes of what we’re working and potential consequences, Tim’s services are a great value and I am really glad he is in my corner!

Nota Lucas
Business Owner, August 2023

Tim Hannon is a truly knowledgeable computer geek, and I’m glad he is, because I’m not. Yet he never talked down to me, but rather made everything he was doing understandable. The cost to fix my ailing desktop Mac was reasonable, and I have recommended him to friends. In the future, I plan to call Tim for my computer repair needs.

Joan Shott
author, August 2023

We are so lucky to have found Tim. Unfailingly courteous, kind and patient and an expert in all things Mac to boot. What a rare combination!

Zia Gipson
Artist, May 2023

Tim Hannon was recommended by a friend who knows I barely get around on the computer to fit my needs as a senior citizen. The time had come to buy a new computer and I would need help buying and setting it up and learn the navigation to meet my basic  needs. Tim came to my house and we ordered a new Apple Mac-book with the appropriate cords and returned the day after turning it on to add the necessary programs. I also bought his services for the year, which I will need as I use more of its capabilities. I highly recommend his support.

Pam Schell
Nov 2022

I highly recommend Tim Hannon of Sound Support.
Tim approaches working with clients with a calm and courteous
competence that removes the anxiety that non-technology-oriented
people like myself have with the increasing reliance on
technology for both personal and work functions, including CAD

Tim is very efficient with his time and his recommendations. It
has been the best value for computer support that I have
experienced. Tim has a balanced strategy of right-sizing the
hardware and software solution for your specific needs and for
the lifespan of the hardware. I was advised in several cases to
not overbuy hardware or software that would not benefit me.
Tim’s kind and patient style of working has made the work
together enjoyable. Several friends and businesses have
recommended Tim over the last 10 years. Now after 4 months of my
transitioning to working with Tim, I would also like to fully
recommend him to others.

Jay Coupard
J Coupard Inc., Nov 2022

Tim Hannon and Sound Support have been a lifesaver for me this year. I have a consulting business and do all of my work virtually, so I absolutely need to stay on top of technology. When I upgraded my MacBook Air and iPhone recently, Tim provided the technical support I needed for a seamless transition. He is patient and thorough in his explanations and I find him extremely easy to work with. A friend recommended Sound Support and I’m so grateful she did. It’s reassuring to know that when I hit a technology snag, Tim is there to find a solution. And he always does!

Carol Prentice
Prentice Consulting, Aug 2022

Tim has been great since he’s helped us with our IT issues. I am most appreciative of the fact that he takes the time to work with us to arrive at solutions to our IT problems. With Tim, we know what the issue is, we know what our options are, and we know what the right solution is, all thanks to Tim’s expertise and patience.

Tyler Goldberg-Hoss
CMG Law, June 2022

Tim has been great to work with.  He showed up on time, is super knowledgable, resolved all the issues I had identified and fixed some more issues I didn’t know about.  A few bugs popped up as usual when setting up a new computer, and he resolved those quickly as well.   I have used a handful of Apple product consultants over the years, and Tim is by far the best.  I wish I found him ten years ago.   I signed up for his Remote Monitoring Maintenance program and it has been great as well.   5 stars.  (out of 5)
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Ron Benoit
CPA, April 2022

I’ve struggled to find competent tech support for my Macs, at work (even though we have a Corporate IT team) and at home. Tim had high ratings on Consumers’ Checkbook so I reached out because I’d lost years of archived emails and Microsoft’s tech support team tapped out after a couple of sessions. Tim was patient, knowledgeable, efficient and paid close attention to every detail I was asking about. He completely resolved my problem, plus a few “what about this” issues in our sessions. I can’t possibly recommend him highly enough, except that I worry that too many people will discover him and appointments will become harder to book.

Ken Knapp
REI Expert Advice Editor and Covington, WA resident, April 2022

Tim Hannon is a pro.   I needed to immediately replace a a broken Mac Book Air, and in the space of about a week, the new computer was in hand and the entire hard drive of the old computer was transferred to the new one.  With a couple tweaks, everything was running flawlessly. Tim is a clear communicator and rigorous with his follow-up notes and clear written next steps coming out of every interaction.  I am a happy customer.

Steve Forman
Forman Consulting, Sept 2021

I am pleased to write a review of your fantastic services for my new iMac.  First and foremost your demeanor and patience were outstanding.  You guided me through the steps in an understandable and gentle fashion for a 89 year-old retired Navy surgeon.  Through your efforts and followup the Mac has operated flawlessly.  I appreciate your staff arranging our appointments and setting up the malware scans. They keep a close watch and that is comforting.  Your company is outstanding and I give it a ten star rating of excellence!  Thank you for your services and foresight.

Respectfully, Jack

John D. Bartlett, MD FACS (RET)
Captain MC, USN (RET)

Found a great new Mac technical support person in Tim Hannon. He got right back to me and was extremely helpful working with me remotely to solve immediate problems. He was very supportive in recommendations & getting me set up with a new computer, migration and back up. Tim is very professional, calm and offers a brilliant service of catching potential issues before they happen! Can’t recommend him highly enough and am very grateful for his wonderful customer support.

Peg Ogle
Peg Ogle Design

Tim has been our go-to guy for years!  We’re fascinated by how his mind works so methodically as he talks through the issues and works them out.  It’s as much an education for us as it is a problem solving performance by him.  He is able to explain clearly and in understandable terms for those of us less tech-savvy and is as patient as he is thorough.  We really do rely on his expertise and would easily vouch for his value to any who need Mac problem-solving help.

Diana and Michael Beaumont
residential customer

When I purchased a new Mac on Dec. 26, 2019, I needed someone that could take the information from my old computer and put it onto my new computer. I was given his name with a great recommendation.
I was so impressed as he made everything look so easy and he took the time to explain in plain English what he was doing. He would ask
if I wanted to add something and if I asked about adding something he didn’t think was a good idea he would explain why.
I would highly recommend Tim without hesitation.

Fran Madison
residential customer

Tim, once again you have saved me! This time it was a problem with very old WORD files that I thought I’d completely lost. Now I have them back, very helpful for me. Thanks as always!

Deborah Stewart
Founder of Safe Ride News

Tim was at once calming, supportive, and clear about what needed doing—and then quick at setting my Macs aright.

I cannot praise him, or recommend his services, too highly.

Scott Freutel
Editor and book designer, Seattle

Responsive! Brilliant! Kind! Indispensable help, fair pricing, impeccable service.

Lynda Mapes
Seattle based journalist, author

Tim came recommended by one of my clients. She has worked with him for years. Unlike me, she’s a bit computer shy. But when it came time for me to update/overhaul/tune-up my Mac Pro (the honkin big guy) I couldn’t get my head around hauling it in to the Apple store and leaving it with them to tell me what I was pretty sure I already knew. Enter TIM! He did a full diagnostic remotely (he’s in the NW, I’m in Texas) while I was on the phone with him. He came to the conclusion that I expected…I needed more memory. But he also showed and assured me that everything else was working just fine! I was pretty sure I could install the memory, which I did. His services were a learning experience that I value, and it cost me, at the most, one third of what I would have paid at the Mac store. I couldn’t ask for more. Plus I get his follow up newsletter with great tips for do-it-yourselfers like me.

I highly recommend Tim’s services.

Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas Design & Illustration

I certainly would recommend you.  You took the time to answer my questions–in a way that I could understand.  You have my equipment all set up, and you took the time to let me write down everything I learned. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Mary MacClellan
Dynamic Alternatives

I can honestly say that Tim has taught me everything that I know about Macintosh computers.

Pete Adum
elementary school teacher

Tim speaks multiple languages.  He speaks Ignorant User, in which he can turn computer jargon and complicated issues into layperson’s terms and present them in a friendly, knowledgeable, and easy-to-understand way.  I’ve also heard him speak Professional Computerese, when he talks to my husband, who is a network manager, or to the other computer professionals at my place of employment.  He knows his Mac’s inside and out, both current and vintage models.  I can count on him to provide me with the education I need in a gentle and respectful manner.  And I can also count on him to give me expert information and practical advice to help me make good decisions on maintenance, upgrades, and choices in software and hardware.  He’s bailed me out both at home and at work numerous times, and I know all I have to do is call, and he’s there.  On top of all that, he’s a really nice guy.

Carrie Cone
residential customer

Tim’s service and support is absolutely superb. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

Craig S. Scott
professor University of Washington

I will continue to work with Tim in the future because it is the least stressful, most beneficial, easiest way to become a more competent and proficient computer user.

freelance writer

This gave me an immediate comfort level, erased my fear of appearing stupid, and enabled me to make rapid progress in becoming more skilled.

Susan M. Towle

Tim provided many years of reliable service for our company. He was able to solve problems, set up systems, be flexible, and perform a myriad of IT services. He gets along with everyone (even higher-strung individuals). And, he also helped out and served on the company Dart Team, showing just how well rounded he is. We would highly recommend Tim.

Tim Hodgson
advertising business owner

I have been working with Tim for more than five years now and am lucky to be working with him. He is hands down the best IT consultant I have ever worked with. His knowledge base of MAC and apple products, his extended network of sources, and dedication and commitment to ongoing education makes him an invaluable resource for my business.

Leslie Cohan
communications business owner

Tim has an amazing knack for relaying complicated computer information in easy-to-understand terms. He always explains in detail what is wrong and what needs to be done, then follows up to make sure things are working correctly. He’s also readily available via phone or email to answer quick (and sometimes not-so-quick!) questions. I recommend Tim to every Mac user I know.

Susan Hanson
freelance writer

Tim is prompt, knowledgeable, reliable, reasonable and a skilled problem solver.

residential customer

It is hard to choose only 3 attributes that best describe Tim. In addition to great results, superior knowledge of his field, and impeccable integrity and reliability, Tim is personable, thorough, enthusiastic, and creatively helpful. His attention to detail is phenomenal as well as his follow-through on projects. I trust his knowledge base, and have him to thank for a strategic and well-functioning computer and back-up system, as well as a chunk of sanity he helped me revive after my laptop was stolen!

Deborah Drysdale
residential customer

I knew Tim would be a skilled, competent IT guy based on his years of experience and the comments about his communication skills from other clients encouraged me to think he was just the person for me. He was. Not only could Tim do everything I needed (which I never doubted) but I understood what he was telling me—and the only people less techie than I am don’t use a computer! As other clients have said, Sound Support service is prompt and efficient so my time and money were well spent.

residential customer

When it comes to tech support, I want the provider I hire to deliver substance, service and integrity. Sound Support has been my choice for over ten years.Regarding substance, founder, Tim Hannon is a technology authority. His specialty is Macintosh, and his expertise ranges freely through electronic worlds from the known to the peripheries of the possible and back. What’s the latest? Ask Tim. Got a budget constraint? Tim will prioritize your needs and keep you connected in the meantime. Need a best practice recommendation? Ask Tim, or subscribe and check your email every Sunday morning for his weekly Tech Tip. My kids know me as a tech clutz. I needed to migrate my email to a new host server company last month and I did the whole thing myself by following the easy-to-understand and foolproof DIY steps Tim outlined in his tech tip on migration.Making tech knowledge available for those interested is part of Sound Support’s package, if you want it. Not optional though is Sound Support’s ultra responsive, reliable and convenient service! Last week during a hardware failure, Tim returned my call in less than five minutes and stayed on the line till he remotely fixed the problem and outlined next options. Sound Support’s service is designed and staffed so it delivers efficient, effective technical triage when clients need it.I love the way Tim’s mind works—how he analyzes an issue, summarizes the problem, considers and tests solutions, recaps the discoveries to cement what’s learned. And he doesn’t stop there! Six months later, he’ll accurately recall the details in an impromptu call. His extraordinary talent for technical problem-solving is matched by his integrity and his service with a smile.

Susie Hammond
residential customer

I personally, along with the foundation I founded, have been customers of Sound Support for the past several years. We have never been disappointed with their work. Not only do they show up on time for appointments, they are also very reliable and professional. Any problems we have experienced have always been corrected in a timely manner. I have also found their pricing to be competitive. I would definitely recommend Sound Support.

Jan Harris
Angel Care-Breast Cancer Foundation

After a conversation with a computer tech have you ever had the feeling that it must have been carried on in ancient Serbo-Croat at 78 rpm? What the….?!? Not with Tim. His approach is minimalist complexity and elegant solutions pitched to not only the task at hand but also the user’s abilities. It doesn’t stop there, the guy knows the damn software/hardware pothole that you’re going to tumble into just down that digital rocky road. Deal with it now, set up solutions that work into the future. Check out his website, it’s full of helpful tips and tricks. Whew! Sooo glad I found Tim at Sound Support.

Lincoln Potter
professional photographer

Tim is one of those people who inspires complete confidence. He goes beyond the call of duty to follow up after technical support visits and to make sure everything is going well. He is efficient, thorough and does his research before a site visit to make sure no time is wasted and that his solutions are appropriate. He also is very easy to be around, with a working sense of humor– an added blessing for someone working in a home office. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my colleagues for computer support.

Iskra Johnson
design business owner

Having Tim manage all of our IT needs is like having the benefit of an entire army of techno-geeks without having to endure all the empty Coke cans, Cheetos stains and D&D references. Seriously, he has managed our hardware, software and IT needs with wisdom and precision for nearly 5 years. I highly recommend him.

David Lemley
advertising business owner

Tim consistently provides thoughtful and accurate solutions to my Mac issues. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and a good communicator, providing useful commentary as to what he is doing and why. I would recommend Tim to anyone needing Mac services.

Lee Wallat
graphic artist

Tim is very kind to non-techies, and speaks to us in English.  In his rescue operations he manages to be both meticulous and inventive.  In the end the problems simply vanish.

Valerie Trueblood

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