Assorted resources that I regularly use. You might find them useful too.

Do you see technology as a strategic asset or a necessary evil?

Whidbey Telecom Map of Fiber Optic Service

FCC National Broadband Map

Whidbey Telecom List of Services

Apple’s System Status Page

How To Delete AppleID account

Watchman Time Machine Exclusion info

Apple Order Tracking

Fix Splashtop Streamer

  • CloudAlly – backup Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Box and more.
  • Synology CloudSync – to backup Dropbox or be a two-way sync with Dropbox
  • CubeBackup – backup Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to local hard drives or to a private cloud account.
  • Neither CloudAlly or CubeBackup reportedly backup Google Tasks. In the past,  Google Tasks Porter let you make a backup of Tasks but it’s defunct now. Google Tasks Backup succeeded Tasks Porter but it also defunct.
Memorable Password Generator

Micro Digital’s memorable password generator

Securely Share Passwords, Text and Documents
Apple Silicon
Technical Details about Macs and other Apple Products
Repairing Macs and other Apple Products
Buying and Selling Macs, iPhones and iPads
Hardware and Peripherals
Training, Learning and Education Resources
iOS Tools
iOS Apps
Adobe Creative Suite
Color Calibration
Keyboard Shortcuts
Domain Registrars, Email and Web Hosting
  • Rackspace Exchange email hosting
  • CloudFlare free account offers DNS hosting and can be domain registrar too
  • Registrars: Hover offers a clean and simple web site. See if domain is available. Buy it if you’d like it. Their documentation is clean. Their support techs are helpful.
  • Website hosting: SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, Big Mountain
  • WordPress hosting: WPmuDEV, WPengine, MediaTemple, Big Mountain and many others
  • Email hosting: Microsoft365, great option for 1 or 2 email accounts, Rackspace IMAP or Exchange with min $10/month charge,
  • Cheap or Free Static Website Hosting

    Name Servers of Popular Web Hosting Companies

    • BlueHost: also
    • DreamHost:
    • GoDaddy:
    • HostGator:
    • Hover:
    • MediaTemple:
    • Network Solutions:
    • Rackspace:
    • Rackspace also:
    • SiteGround:
    • WPEngine:

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