How To Delete Old iPhone Or iPad Backups From iCloud

Do you want to delete a backup of your iPhone or iPad from iCloud? There are two reasons you might want to do this.
  1. Sometimes, if one is unable to successfully backup an iPhone or iPad to iCloud, it’s because the current backup is somehow gumming up the system. By removing the existing backup then one is able to start fresh and successfully backup his or her device.
  2. If one has stopped using an older iPhone or iPad it’s possible that the last backup of this device remains in one’s iCloud account. If this backup is more than a year old then it’s highly unlikely that one would ever want to recover data from this backup. Thus one might be wasting storage space in one’s iCloud account.

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Should I Purchase Microsoft Office Outright Or Get An Office 365 Subscription?

Are you trying to decide if you should buy Office for Mac as part of an Office 365 subscription or as a stand-alone product? While cost is one important consideration it is not the only one. I’d like to point out a few other considerations that I think you should keep in mind as you make your decision. It is important to know that regardless of whether you buy Office as a stand-alone product or as part of Office 365, you get the ability to download and install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc on your Mac. Microsoft offers a web-based version of these applications.The online versions are only available if you have an Office 365 subscription. The online versions are cleverly named Word Online, Excel Online, etc. Frankly, I don’t believe I’ve ever used them so I can’t comment on how similar or dissimilar they are from the full desktop versions. Office 365 subscribers get access to new versions of Office when they are released, which is typically about every 3 or 4 years. For example, Microsoft made the following Mac versions of Office: Office 2011, Office 2016 and they released Office 2019 in September 2018. Read More

Beware Of Sextortion Scam Emails

Have you received an email which starts off by listing one of your passwords and then goes on to indicate that a video recording of you watching an adult content video will be sent to your friends unless you pay a few thousand dollars in bitcoin? Please don’t believe everything you read. Emails like this are scams. The first report I received of this type of scam email was in July 2018. Soon thereafter this article about sextortion scam emails appeared on Sophos’ website. Sophos is a British security company. The one truthful part of the email is that the spammers do possess one of your passwords. If you still use that password, please change it anywhere you use it. Also, if you’d like to be safe, please scan your Mac using Malwarebytes

Easily Record Audio Or Video On Your Mac Using QuickTime Player

Have you ever wanted to make a video recording of either yourself or your Mac’s screen? Have you ever needed to make a quick audio recording of your voice using your Mac? You can do this easily using Apple’s QuickTime Player. QuickTime Player is a free application and it comes bundled with the Mac operating system (macOS). I believe these features exist in all versions of QuickTime Player version 10, which was introduced alongside OS X Snow Leopard in 2009. I think that having the word Player in QuickTime’s name throws people off and they do not realize that it can be used to both create (or record) audio and video as well as play a variety of audio and video files. Read More

How To Import Mbox Files Into Outlook 2016

Do you use Outlook 2016 on your Mac? Have you ever needed to import email messages stored in an mbox file? Mbox files are a common way to store email messages on computers using the UNIX operating system. Since the Mac operating system is a derivative of UNIX, Apple’s own Mail application stores its email message in an mbox format. I recently needed to import some email messages, stored in mbox files, into Outlook 2016 and was surprised to learn that Outlook 2016 can’t import mbox files. While there are some third-party applications that will let you import mbox files into Outlook I didn’t want to spend $40-$50 to accomplish this. Instead, I used Outlook 2011 for Mac, as an intermediary. Read More

How To Encrypt A USB Flash Drive

Do you want to encrypt an external hard drive or USB flash drive connected to your Mac? Encrypting the drive will protect the data on that drive. Each time that drive is connected to another Mac you’ll need to enter a password before the drive is available and before you can view or edit the files on the drive. Apple makes it easy to encrypt an external drive.The feature is built into macOS, the Mac operating system. Right-click (or control-click) on the drive’s icon on your Mac’s Desktop (or in the left-hand sidebar of a Finder window) which causes a menu to appear. Read More

Get Directions To Your Favorite Locations On Your iPhone

Do you frequently drive to a handful of destinations such as your home, office, gym, coffee shop, restaurant or storage unit? Did you know that you can mark these frequently visited locations as Favorites in the Maps app on your iPhone? Then you can easily get directions to these destinations. Even if you know your way to these destinations, it can be handy to ask Maps for directions since it’ll often offer 2 or 3 routes and point out the fastest based on current traffic conditions. Read More

How To View Hidden Files On A Mac

Did you know that there are thousands of invisible files on your Mac? Have you ever needed to locate or delete one of these invisible files? Here are a couple of ways to be able to access the invisible files and folders on your Mac. A cautionary note, Apple makes these files invisible for a reason. They do not think the typical person needs to access these files and they are right. However, there are instances, such as when one is trying to manually uninstall an application or troubleshoot a problem that one needs to be able to access the invisible files on one’s Mac.Please be cautious when working on files that are typically invisible. If you do not know what a file’s purpose is, leave it alone. Some files are critical to the proper functioning of your Mac. Read More