Use Your iPad As A Second Screen For Your Mac

Did you know that you can use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac? That’s right. You can buy DuetDisplay, currently $11, and use it to connect your iPad to your Mac so you can use it as an second display. In a sense, this is a way to control your Mac using a touch-interface, if you would like to try this. Apple indicates that they have no plans to make touch-based Macs so if you’d like to have touch-control of your Mac this is the only way I know to make it happen.  Read More

Share Any File In Your Dropbox Account With Non-Dropbox Users

Did you know that Dropbox lets you share any file with anybody, even if they do not have their own Dropbox account? In 2011, I wrote about how to do this using Dropbox’s Public Link feature. The Public Link feature let you share any file with anybody, but it required you to put the file inside your Dropbox Public Folder. Dropbox has been slowly phasing out the Public Folder and Public Links since they have been superseded by a newer, shared link feature, which was added a few years ago.  Read More

PhotoSweeper Removes Duplicate Photos from Photos or iPhoto

Do you have duplicate photos in your iPhoto or Photos Library? Do you dread the manual process of trying to locate and delete these duplicate photos? If so, use PhotoSweeper. PhotoSweeper will locate all duplicate photos and makes it easy for you to review them and select which ones you want to delete. In addition to identifying exact duplicate files, it also lets you find very similar photos. Using this feature you can find photos taken a few seconds apart or photos taken using Burst Mode on your iPhone. Here’s an overview of how to use PhotoSweeper. Read More

Regain Access To Your Airport or Time Capsule

Have you forgotten or misplaced your Airport or Time Capsule passwords? If so, you should consider using the Soft Reset feature that Apple builds into Airports and Time Capsules. You could also review my previous Tech Tip about retrieving your Airport password from your Keychain which could save you from having to perform a Soft Reset. I should also point out that you may have either 1 or 2 Airport passwords. One password is used to connect devices, like Macs and iPhones to the wireless network created by your Airport. This is commonly called your wireless network password. The other password is used to configure the Airport. This is commonly caused your device password, where device refers to the Airport or Time Capsule. Read More

How To Rebuild Your Spotlight Index

Does your Mac fail to find files that you know exist when you search for them? Or, does Apple Mail or Outlook fail to find email messages when you search for them? If so, this problem could be caused by a corrupt Spotlight index. Spotlight is the name of Apple’s search capabilities built into the Mac operating system. Spotlight’s index can get damaged from time to time. Read More

Display Your Mac On Your iPad

Do you need to display your Mac’s screen on your iPad? To do this, you can use a screen-sharing application. Most of these applications cost money so Splashtop is intriguing since it’s free for personal use on your local network. To access your Mac from anywhere costs less than $20 per year which makes this the most affordable solution, I’ve seen.

PDFPen An Affordable PDF Editor

Do you need to edit PDF files on your Mac? Previously, I’ve talked about Preview’s built-in editing features. If these features aren’t adequate for your needs most people think they need to get Adobe Acrobat, which currently costs $13-$15 per month with an annual subscription, but I prefer to use PDFPen which has a one-time cost of $75 (or $125 if you buy PDFPen Pro).  Read More

Add, Remove or Rearrange Items On Your Mac’s Dock

Would you like to add frequently used applications or documents to your Dock? Would you like to remove rarely used items from the Dock? If so, below are instructions on how to do this. The Dock is the row of icons that’s typically located across the bottom of the screen, though it can be moved. Apple populates the Dock with items that they think, or want, you to use, but you can customize it to suit your own needs. You can add applications, documents or folders to the dock.  Read More