Change Google Chrome’s Homepage On Your Mac

Would you like to change the initial page displayed when you open Google Chrome on your Mac? If so, follow these instructions. Fortunately, Google hasn’t changed this very much over the past few years.

These instructions will certainly work on Chrome versions 49-63, and maybe newer versions.

  • Open Chrome, click on the Chrome menu and select Preferences
  • Scroll down to the On Startup section and choose the option named Open a specific page or set of pages
  • Choose Add a new page and then type in the web page address in the Site URL field. Older versions of Chrome don’t have an Add a new page option. Instead, click on Set pages then type in the web page address in the Enter URL field.
  • Click the Add button. In older versions of Chrome click the OK button.

If Apple’s Photos Application Doesn’t Meet Your Needs Consider Adobe Lightroom CC

Do you use Apple’s Photos application to store and edit your photos on your Mac? Photos is a capable Mac application and Apple continually slips in new features and refines the interface since they introduced it in April 2015. For example, in Photos version 3.0, introduced as part of macOS High Sierra in October 2017, Apple added the ability to let you use an external photo editor such as Pixelmator, Affinity Photo, Photoshop and others. However, if you find that Photos isn’t robust enough to meet your needs, consider Adobe’s new application named Lightroom CC. Don’t get confused, Adobe has had an application named Lightroom CC for a number of years, but it has now been renamed Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe has supplemented it with a new application named Lightroom CC. This new Lightroom CC is positioned between Apple’s Photos and Lightroom Classic CC in terms of capabilities. So, if Photos isn’t enough for you but the previous Lightroom was too intimidating, it could be time to look at the new Lightroom CC. Tidbits has written a great article about the new Lightroom CC and why it’s a step up from Photos as well as Lightroom Classic CC.

Change Safari’s Homepage On Your Mac

Would you like to change the initial page displayed when you open Safari on your Mac? If so, follow these instructions. Fortunately, Apple hasn’t changed how this is done in many versions of Safari. These instructions will certainly work on Safari versions 5-11 on Mac OS X version 10.6.x up to macOS High Sierra (aka OS X 10.13).

  • Open Safari, click on the Safari menu and select Preferences
  • Click on the General icon on the top row of icons
  • Locate the section named Homepage and type in the address of the page that you want to be your homepage, such as, or (Note: you do not need to type the http:// at the front of address that you type, Safari will automatically add http://.)

Are You Prepared If Your Mac Is Stolen?

Are you prepared to handle the theft of your Mac? Unfortunately, I had to test my own disaster recovery procedures when my laptop was stolen this past week. In situations like this, I believe there are two priorities. First, is the data on the Mac inaccessible? Second, can one get up and running on another Mac with all of one’s data? Let me tell you how I faired and the systems that I relied upon. Read More

Review All AppleID Purchases Within The Last 90 Days

Have you ever wanted to view a list of items you’ve recently purchased using your AppleID? This would include all purchases made within iTunes, the iPhone App Store or the Mac App Store. Perhaps you need a receipt for your bookkeeper. Perhaps you want to review what your kids have bought. Perhaps you do not recognize a charge on your monthly credit card bill. Apple now offers an easy way for you to view all purchases made over the past 3 months.  Read More

Review All Devices Linked To Your AppleID

Are you a long-time Mac user? If so, over the years, you’ve likely linked a lot of Apple products to your AppleID. This includes not only Macs, but iPhones, iPad and maybe AppleTVs. It’s useful to periodically review the list of devices linked to your AppleID. First, it gives you a chance to unlink that iPhone that you replaced 2 years ago. Second, it lets you make sure that there aren’t any unauthorized devices linked to your account. Read More

How To Shutdown CrashPlan After You’ve Switched to BackBlaze

Were you using the CrashPlan Home backup service? Have you now switched to BackBlaze or some equivalent backup service? Once you know that BackBlaze has completed its initial backup of your Mac then it’s safe to get rid of CrashPlan. It is my understanding that it is not possible to actually shutdown or close your CrashPlan account. Instead, we will just unlink all of your Macs from your CrashPlan account and then we will let your CrashPlan account expire.  Read More