Use Your Older MacBook Pro Charger on Newer Mac Laptops

Do you have an older, magnetically attached laptop power cord that you’d like to connect to your new Mac laptop which requires a thinner connector? If so, you could buy Apple’s MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter ($10). In 2006, Apple introduced magnetically attached laptop power cords, called the MagSafe Power Adapter, on their MacBook Pro. Since then, … Read more

Check The Health of Your Mac’s Internal Hard Drive

Hard drives are the component of a computer that fail most often. Every hard drive will eventually fail. This is why it’s so important to backup your Mac’s hard drive. It’s also prudent to periodically check the health of your Mac’s internal hard drive. I recommend two applications for this purpose: Onyx (free) and SMARTUtility (free … Read more

Should I Buy AppleCare With My New Mac?

I strongly recommend the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) for all MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and MacPro purchases under most circumstances. I know that extended warranties have a poor reputation in general, but I think AppleCare is a good value for most Mac models. For the rest of this article I’ll simply refer to the AppleCare … Read more