Creating A Holiday Newsletter Using Pages

Do you send out annual updates about your family around the holiday season? If so, MacWorld has written a good article about how to create a newsletter using Pages. Pages is Apple’s word processor which competes with Microsoft Word. It comes bundled with some Macs, so you may already have a copy. If not, you … Read more

How to Use Apple’s Remote To Control PowerPoint 2008 and PowerPoint 2011

You can use Apple’s infrared (IR) remote control to control slideshows in PowerPoint 2004, PowerPoint 2008 and PowerPoint 2011. Here are some instructions for getting this set up. PowerPoint 2008 and PowerPoint 2011 both include support for Apple’s remote. PowerPoint 2004 does not natively have this capability. Instead, you need to use a third party … Read more

How can I fix Entourage when it shows the spinning multi-colored ball?

When you open Entourage 2004 does it immediately display the spinning multi-color ball icon? This icon simply indicates that Entourage is thinking. However, if this icon never goes away, then Entourage is getting stuck while trying to complete a task. There are a number of possible causes, but over the past two months I’ve had … Read more