DriveSavers Provides Excellent Data Recovery Services

Do you need to retrieve data from a sick or dead hard drive? If you do not have a backup of the data on this disk, then you should consider hiring a professional data recovery company like DriveSavers. DriveSavers has been an industry leader for 30 years. They have a stellar reputation and success rate. In the rare cases that I have had a client who needed professional data recovery, I always use DriveSavers. Fortunately they have been able to recover most of the needed data. The downside of professional data recovery companies is the relatively high cost.

In the past decade, I have only sent two hard drives to DriveSavers. One hard drive was from an Mac made in the mid-1990s. It had not been used in years and my client suddenly realized that she needed some data from it. The hard drive no longer worked properly. She spent about $2500 to recover a few dozen files which she needed.

In the other instance, a woman phoned me after most of her iPhoto Library suddenly vanished before her eyes. She didn’t have any backup of the hard drive so we sent the hard drive to DriveSavers. She paid about $1500 for the recovery work. DriveSavers recovered thousands of jpeg photos, but some of them were random clip art files so my client then had to spend countless hours weeding through the recovered files.

DriveSavers can recover data from a wide variety of devices including computer hard drives, USB flash drives, iPhone, SD cards used in cameras as well as high-end RAID hard drive systems.

You can call DriveSavers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They offer free evaluations of your drive. They will furnish you with a FedEx shipping slip. They will assess your sick drive. They will contact you by phone with both the likelihood of being able to recover your data and a price quote. They will only charge you if you decide to proceed with the data recovery process. If you decide to not proceed then they will return your drive to you.

I hope you never need to call DriveSavers since their work is challenging, time consuming and expensive. It is much better for you to backup your Mac and backup your iPhone so you can avoid the stress and expense.

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