When To Consider Restoring An iPad Or iPhone

Some iPhone or iPad problems are only resolved by restoring your iPhone or iPad to factory settings. Apple’s support article details how to restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Restoring a device is definitively one of the last techniques I invoke when troubleshooting iPhone or iPad problems. I have only┬áinvoked it when more traditional troubleshooting steps have failed to fix a problem. For example, over the last handful of years, I have encountered a half dozen or so devices that have an inexplicable lack of free space. In other words, the devices Usage screen indicates that very little free space is available and yet the listing of storage space used by each application doesn’t add up to the amount of space supposedly used. In situations like this, I’ll backup the device and then restore it using Apple’s instructions. If you have the Find My iPhone feature enabled, and I hope you do, then you’ll need the AppleID account password to disable this feature so you can then restore the iPad. Once you’ve restored your iPhone or iPad then remember to re-enable the Find My iPhone feature.

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