How To Identify Your iPhone or iPad Model

Have you ever wondered how to identify which iPhone or iPad model you have? While there are some physical characteristics that might help you generally differentiate one model from another, these differences are often subtle and aren’t always sufficient. Here are a two ways to definitively identify your iOS device. 

Method 1

Look at the back of your iPhone and locate the model number which appears in tiny type. Then visit Apple’s support article which shows pictures of each iPhone model and the associated model numbers.

Method 2

If you cannot easily access the back of the iPhone or iPad or you cannot make out the tiny type, locate your device order number and then enter it into EveryMac’s Ultimate Lookup tool. For example, iPhone’s order number can be found by doing this:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on About
  4. Locate the information listed next to Model. This string of information, will look similar to this: MGAU2LL/A. I’m not sure why Apple labels this information Model since it’s different then the model number that they print on the back of the device.  Regardless, EveryMac calls this information the Order Number.
  5. Enter this Order Number into EveryMac’s Ultimate Lookup tool.

(Note: EveryMac’s Ultimate Lookup tool is very handy. It help you identify Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads. You can try to identify them using any of the following: Apple Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier, Serial Number and Intel processor number. Please does that the lookup tool does not work on model numbers of refurbished iPhones.)

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