How To Add a Hyperlink to a Message in Mail

Would you like  to turn a word in an email message into a web page hyperlink? If you use Apple’s Mail, use these simple instructions.

  • Open Mail and compose a new email message.
  • Address the message and start to type the message.
  • Select one or more words in your message.
  • Go to the Edit menu and select Add Link.
  • In the box that appears paste the web page address (aka hyperlink) and click OK. Use the picture below as a guide.

Add Hyperlink using Mail

Pasting a web page address directly into your email is possible, but long addresses can really break up the flow of an email. If the web page address gets divided onto two lines then it can even break and not work when the recipient clicks on it. For example, imagine that you want to send a friend a link to a book available on Amazon’s web site. You could list the address, but it can be long and ugly. For example:


Using the technique I list above, you’ll be able to hide that entire address by making it a link, like this.

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