How Edit Text On An iPhone or iPad

Do you know how to edit text you’ve typed on your iPhone? I am regularly surprised to find people who do not know it’s possible to do this. Let’s imagine that you’ve typed several lines of text in the Notes app, then you notice a typo back on the first line. You don’t need to delete all of the text back to the first line. Instead, you can do this:

  • Simply tap your finger next to the typo. This will move the cursor, aka the flashing vertical line, to this location.
  • Press the backspace key to remove the typo and then type the correct letter(s)

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How To Empty Safari’s Cache

Are you having problems viewing one or two particular web sites in Safari? Were you previously able to view these web sites? If so, a common cause of this problem is corruption in Safari’s cache. Cache is temporary storage. Specifically, it contains recently viewed web pages. Occasionally, these temporarily stored web pages can get damaged. Thus, it can be useful to know how to empty this temporary storage. Here’s are instructions for emptying Safari’s cache on your Mac.

  • Open Safari
  • Click on the Safari menu and select Preferences
  • Click on the Advanced button, at the far right end.
  • Insert a checkmark next to Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • Click the red dot to close this window
  • You’ll now see that the Develop menu is listed between the Bookmarks and Window menus at the top of your Mac’s screen.
  • Click on the Develop menu and select Empty Caches, which is about half-way down the list.

Unfortunately, you will not see any confirmation that the caches have been emptied. Just trust that they have been. Next, open a new window in Safari and try to visit the web site that was giving you problems previously. Hopefully, this web site will now be displayed properly.

NuGuard iPhone Cases Are Great

Are you looking for a good case to protect your iPhone? Would you like the case to be easy to put on and take off? Would you like your iPhone well protected when you drop it? If so, I think you should consider NewerTech’s NuGuard iPhone case. It is a great value and comes in a variety of colors. It is a one-piece case that easily slides on and off. Its drop protection meets military standards (MIL-STD-810G). You can currently buy NuGuard cases for a range of iPhone models from the 4 through the 7. They also sell iPad cases but I’ve never used any of them. Read some reviews or watch some drop test videos. My last two iPhones have been protected by NuGuard cases. I dropped each phone dozens of times and they escaped unharmed every time.






How To Make Sure Time Machine Backs Up Your External Drive

Do you want to make sure that Time Machine backs up an external hard drive, USB flash drive or an SD card that is connected to your Mac? If so, here are instructions to make sure this happens.

  • Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences
  • Click on Time Machine
  • Click on the Options button in the lower right corner
  • Look at the list of items under “Exclude these items from backups”
  • If your external hard drive, USB flash drive or SD card is listed, click on it to select it and then click the minus sign icon. This will remove it from the list of excluded items. Thus, Time Machine will backup this drive or card.
  • Click Save
  • Click the red dot to close the Time Machine Preferences window.


How To Create A Digital Photo Contact Sheet

Do you take digital photos and would you like to quickly create a file with thumbnail size versions of photos from a trip or family event? This file is called a contact sheet. Professional photographers commonly want to create contact sheets of all photos from a wedding or other photo shoot. Here are a couple of ways to create a contact sheet if you use a Mac.  Read More

How To Restore A Time Machine Backup To A New Mac

When you buy a new Mac you likely want to transfer all of your data and applications from your current Mac to a new Mac. Here are instructions on how to accomplish this migration using a current Time Machine backup of your current Mac. I’m going to provide instructions for two different scenarios.

If you’re just taking your new Mac out of it’s box and turning it on for the first time follow the instructions in Scenario 1 – Setup Assistant.

Alternatively, if you’ve already turned on your new Mac and created a user account then follow the instructions in Scenario 2 – Migration AssistantRead More