An Extension Cord For Your Mac Laptop With USB-C Power Adapter

Do you own a Mac laptop with USB-C ports? If so, it came with a USB-C power adapter. Did you notice that Apple no longer includes an extension cord with this USB-C power adapter? If so, you might be interested in Ten 1 Design’s Stella, which is a well designed extension cord. For years, Apple included an extension cord, about 6 feet long, with every new laptop. Many people, myself included, never used their extension cord. Perhaps this is why Apple stopped including it. If you want to buy one,  Apple still sells power adapter extension cords.

Another possible reason why Apple might have stopped including the extension cord is that the USB-C cable that connects the power adapter to your laptop is now detachable. Why is this significant? Because this means that you can replace the standard 3 foot USB-C charge cable with a 6 foot USB-C charge cable, thus an extension cord might not be needed.

Another option worth consideration is Ten 1 Design’s Stella. This extension cord is flexible enough to wrap around the power adapter itself and comes with a clever, built-in clip which’ll keep the cord nicely wrapped when you’ve shoved your power adapter into your briefcase or backpack. Another amazing feature is that Stella’s plug will light up when the plug gets close to a wall outlet. It’s like a tiny built-in flashlight, which makes it easier for you to insert the Stella’s plug into the electrical outlet.

It’s also useful to understand that Stella will work with any iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro power adapter. So, if you have an older Mac laptop and you use the Apple-supplied extension cord, perhaps you’d like to replace it with Stella, since it’ll be more compact in your bag and will help you plug it into electrical outlets.

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