Two Hidden iPhone Features

Do you have an iPhone? Here are two undocumented features that I use everyday on my iPhone.

  1. Silence incoming calls – You can instantly silence an incoming phone call by pressing either of the volume buttons. By pressing one of the volume buttons one time you’ll immediately silence your phone if it’s ringing or buzzing.
  2. Jump to the top of a page or list – Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of a long web page or to the Z’s in your list of contacts? Rather than scrolling back to the top, simply tap your the top of your iPhone’s screen. The top area is called the Status Bar. It typically displays the time, your battery level, cell phone signal strength and other information. Tap anywhere on this Status Bar area and you’ll jump to the top of your web page or list.

I have found these features indispensable once I learned they existed. Apple did a good job of hiding them. I discovered the first feature, by accident, many years ago. I stumbled across the second gem while reading a web page of iPhone tips just a few months ago.

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