Four iPhone Typing Shortcuts

Do you type on your iPhone? If so, you should make sure you know these four typing tips.

  1. Tap the Space key twice at the end of a sentence. This inserts a period and a space and also activates the shift key. You’re now ready to type the next sentence without missing a beat.
  2. Hold down the Shift key with one thumb while typing a word with your other thumb to capitalize the entire word.
  3. Alternatively, enable Caps Lock and then double tap the Shift key to turn it on. First, you have to enable this feature by tapping on the Settings app, then tap on General, then Keyboard and turning on Enable Caps Lock. Now, when you double tap the Shift key your iPhone will display the icon shown below to indicate that Caps Lock is on. To turn off Caps Lock tap the Shift key once. Caps Lock icon
  4. Quickly enter a number or punctuation mark by tapping and holding the 123 key and then sliding your finger to any number or punctuation mark and then release your finger. You will find that you’re automatically able to keep typing letters without having to press the ABC key.

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