What is Xfinity Wifi And Why Does My Mac Always Connect To It?

Have you noticed wireless networks named XFINITY, xfinitywifi or CableWiFi? Does your Mac keep connecting to these networks? Here’s an explanation about what these wireless networks are as well as some information about when you might want your Mac to connect to these networks.

Starting in 2013, Comcast started to issue updated cable modems that had built-in wireless routers. These devices could be used to create a wireless network within the home of a Comcast Xfinity customer. However, these cable modems also create a second, separate, wireless network which is named, XFINITY, xfinitywifi or CableWiFi.

These wireless networks give Comcast customers free wireless access when they are away from home. For example, I drive around the city to visit clients each day. In between client appointments I like to be able to respond to client email messages. Thus, I regularly connect to these Comcast Xfinity wireless networks. This Wikipedia article states that these wireless networks are available to Comcast customers who have either Performance Tier or Business Starter service plans.

The first time you connect to one of these wireless networks, you should see a Comcast Xfinity web page. This page prompts you to enter your Comcast email address and password. You need to enter this information so Comcast can verify that you are a customer and thus authorized to use their network for free. I believe that if you are not a Comcast customer that it offers you the opportunity to buy a daily or monthly pass.

You can also access these networks from your iPhone or iPad. When I first connected to the xfinitywifi network from my iPhone, the Comcast web site gave me an option to install a Profile on my iPhone which configures the iPhone so it can automatically connect to any of these networks whenever it detects them. This has come in handy too.

If you find that your Mac connects to one of these Xfinity wireless network rather than a network that you would prefer to use, such as one at your home or office, then please read a previous Tech Tip about configuring your Mac to prioritize your commonly used wireless networks.

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