Comcast Extends Low-Cost Internet Service to Low-Income Seniors

I recently learned that Comcast has offered a low-cost Internet service for low-income families since early 2014. Comcast calls this the Internet Essentials program. As of April 2015, Comcast indicates that they’ve enrolled 480,000 families across the country.   In August, 2015, Comcast started a pilot program in San Francisco to extend this program to low-income … Read more

How To Monitor Your Comcast Data Usage

Are you a residential customer using Comcast’s Xfinity High-Speed Internet service? If so, you can easily monitor your monthly data usage. Historically, Comcast has monitored and capped monthly data usage. As people increasingly stream videos using AppleTVs and iPads and backup the MacBook laptops to the cloud using online backup services, more users were approaching … Read more