How to Remove Previous Recipients from Your iPhone or iPad

Do you want to remove some of the email addresses that are listed when you begin typing a recipient’s name in the To: field of an email message on your iPhone or iPad?

The Mail application on iPhones and iPads automatically builds a list of recent email recipients’ email addresses. It then lists these addresses when you begin typing the recipient’s name in a new email message. Follow these instructions to remove one of these recipient’s email address.

  • Open the Mail app on your iOS device (aka: your iPhone or iPad).
  • Tap the button to compose a new email message and begin typing an email address into the To: field.
  • Some of the addresses that show up will have a blue circle with the letter i inside next to them. Tap this circle. (If your device is running iOS 6 or lower you’ll see a blue arrow instead of the circle.)
  • Tap the Remove From Recents button to permanently delete this email address from your previous recipients. Use the images below as guides.

If you use Mail on your Mac then you might also be interested in reading a previous Tech Tip about using Mail’s Previous Recipient List.

Remove From Recents

Blue Circle