iPad Keyboard Cases

Would you prefer to type on your iPad using a real keyboard instead of the on-screen, virtual keyboard? This week’s tech tip gives you an overview of some iPad cases that include keyboards.

Update Jan 2013: Apple released the iPad mini last fall. Of course, this smaller iPad requires smaller keyboards. GadgetReview has a comparison of 11 of these diminutive keyboards.

Update May 2018: The list of keyboard cases I listed below has slowly dwindled. I would steer you towards The Wire Cutter which lists both regular iPad keyboard cases as well as iPad Pro keyboard cases.

The iPad is a great device for reading information such as email messages, web pages and ebooks; listening to music or podcasts; and watching movies. However, it’s not the best device if you’re trying to type an email, take notes during a meeting or work on your novel. While some people may think it’s anathema to add weight and bulkiness to the lithe iPad, I think there’s a time and place for connecting a wireless, bluetooth keyboard to an iPad. Thus, I’ve been keeping an eye on iPad cases that let you easily connect an iPad to a keyboard when you want it, but also easily detach the iPad when you don’t need the keyboard or the added bulk. Here are a list of iPad cases with keyboards that caught my eye. This is by no means a complete list of all iPad cases with keyboards.

  • Logitech makes a number of appealing keyboard cases.
  • Zagg makes an appealing iPad holder with keyboard. It doesn’t protect the back of the iPad, but its aluminum design feels sturdy. It holds the iPad but lets one easily detach it. [Update April 2015: the Zagg link goes to a page about all iPad keyboards made by the company.]
  • Another choice is Adonit’s Writer Plus. It looks sturdy, stylish, well designed and is available in a few colors. It can be adjusted to any viewing angle.

Be aware that some keyboard cases will work with any version of the iPad while others only work with one or two of the three iPad models that Apple has released to date.

You may also like to read an April 2012 CNet review of stand-alone keyboards and assorted iPad cases.


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