SpeakWrite.com Is An Affordable Online Transcription Service

Do you ever have the need for a transcription service? SpeakWrite is an affordable online transcription service which uses live typists to transcribe your work and send you the finished work within 3 hours. You can submit your work by dictating over the phone, sending a fax or mailing recorded tapes. They even have an iPhone app for submitting your work. The service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The price for general transcription is 1.25 cents per word. Legal transcription and group conversations cost 2.0 cents per word. There are no additional costs. You can use the service frequently or infrequently.

I’ve had a few clients who have used this service, and they speak very highly about it. You can try it for free one time. Simply go to their website, call the phone number listed and follow the prompts. You can record a message up to 10 minutes in length. You’ll receive the completed transcription via email within 3 hours.

[Update September 2017. Another recommended transcription service is SpeechPad.]

[Update October 2017. Another recommended transcription service is Casting Words.]

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