How to Take Screen Snapshots on Your iPhone

Did you know that you can take pictures of what’s on your iPhone’s screen? For example, you can take pictures of a text message, a web page or an email configuration screen.

The procedure is simple. Press and hold the Home button while simultaneously pressing and releasing the Sleep/Wake button. (This is the button on either the top of right-hand side of your iPhone that you can press to either wake-up or put to sleep your iPhone.)

[Update January 2018: If you have an iPhone without a Home button, such as an iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, etc, then you need to use a different set of buttons. On these newer iPhones, press the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Up button simultaneously.]

The Home button is located near the bottom of the front face of the iPhone. This is the button that you typically press to exit an application and return to your Home screen. (If you have an iPhone X, which doesn’t have an Home button then follow the instructions below.(

The Sleep/Wake button is the button on either the top or right edge of the iPhone which you typically use to put the iPhone to sleep.

Be aware that if you were to press and hold both the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons continuously for 10 seconds, this will reset your iPhone. Resetting an iPhone isn’t necessary very often, but if your iPhone locks up and becomes completely unresponsive then resetting is often helpful. Resetting the iPhone essentially just forces the iPhone to turn itself off and then start up again. It does not remove any of the data or applications on the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone X or other iPhone that does not have a Home button then you need to hold the side button which is on the right-hand side of the phone while simultaneously pressing the Volume Up button, which is on the left-hand side of the phone.

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