How to Check Your Mac’s Hardware Warranty Coverage

Do you want to check to see if your Mac is still under warranty from Apple? The technical support section of Apple’s web site lets you easily check to see if your Apple device is protected by either its built-in or the extended hardware warranty. Here are simple instructions on how to do so.

All Macintosh computers as well as iPhones and iPad come with a standard one-year hardware warranty. Apple offers an optional extended warranty named AppleCare Protection Program. This extended warranty can be purchased anytime during the first year while your Mac is still protected by it’s built-in warranty. To determine if your Mac  is covered do this:

  • Obtain your Apple device’s serial number. It is printed on your device but it can sometimes be hard to locate, so use this page from Apple which explains where to find your device’s serial number. If you have a Mac that starts up you can follow these instructions instead.
  • Go to the Apple menu and select “About This Mac”
  • In the window which appears, click the “More Info” button which opens System Profiler application. If you don’t see the “More Info” button then see the Update listed below.
  • The “Hardware” section will be selected on the left-hand side. In the right-hand side, near the bottom of the Hardware Overview, you’ll see the serial number listed. Select it and copy it.
  • Go to Apple’s web page for checking your warranty coverage.
  • Paste your Mac’s serial number into the field and click the Continue button. Your hardware coverage will be listed shortly.

Update February 2017:  While the steps above still work, under Mac OS 10.11 and laser, after selecting “About This Mac”, click on the Service tab and then the “Check my service and support coverage status” button.  This will take you to Apple’s web page for checking warranty coverage and enter your serial number.

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