How to Password Protect Your iPhone

I recommend that every iPhone owner enable the password protection feature built into the iPhone. Then, if you ever lose your iPhone others won’t be able to view your iPhone’s contents or run up your bill by placing lots of calls.

Here’s how you can enable this feature:

  • Turn on or wake up your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select the General category.
  • Tap on Passcode Lock.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter a 4 digit passcode (aka password). Then you’ll be asked to enter it again to make sure you didn’t make any typos.
  • Finally, tap on Require Password and select how quickly your iPhone will require you to enter your passcode after being idle. I recommend “After 5 minutes.”

(Note: in iOS 10, passcode settings are under Settings, then tap onTouch ID & Passcode. In iOS 11 and higher, passcode settings are under Settings, then tap on Face ID & Passcode.)

This should give you peace of mind in case you lose your iPhone around the house, around town, or while traveling.

If you have an iCloud subscription then you should also make sure that you have turned on your iPhone’s “Find My iPhone” feature. More on this in my next blog article.

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