Create Your Photo Legacy Course

Create Your Photo Legacy Course

Would you like to create a curated collection of your photos, letters, recipes, audio files, text messages and other documents that you can share with family or friends? If so, consider taking Mirja Heide’s four-week course at Edmonds College starting Thursday May 18th from 6-8 PM. The course costs $99. In this course, you will learn how to set up a permanent online home for preserving your memories. You will be able to start to build a collection of your most cherished items.

Bring your Windows PC or Mac laptop to class if you’re able.

Instructional handouts will be provided and take-home assignments given each week.

Visit Edmonds College Continuing Education to register for the course.

For more information about Mirja, please visit her RefreshFotos website.

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  1. Preserving our memories is an investment in our legacy. The ‘Create Your Photo Legacy Course’ offers a valuable opportunity to curate and share our cherished moments with loved ones. Remember, while the cost may be $99, the value of capturing and preserving our stories is truly priceless. Take the leap and embark on this journey to create a lasting digital home for your memories.

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