How To Remove A Hard Drive From Time Machine

Remove Drive From Time Machine

Do you use Time Machine to backup your Mac? Is Time Machine configured to backup to one or more hard drives? Has one of your backup hard drives died? If so, you want to remove that drive from Time Machine’s configurations. If you don’t remove it then Time Machine will repeatedly remind you that you haven’t backed up to that particular drive in many days.

Here are instructions for removing a hard drive from Time Machine’s configuration.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu, select System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Time Machine icon.
  3. Hold down the Control key on your keyboard as you click on the icon for the drive that you want to remove from Time Machine. Use the image above as a guide.
  4. Select Stop using <hard drive’s name> for Backup
  5. Click the red dot in the upper left-hand corner to close the Time Machine window.

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