Upgrade Backblaze 6 to Backblaze 7

Do you use Backblaze to backup your Mac? It’s a great way to create an off-site backup of your Mac’s data. When CrashPlan eliminated their backup service for home customers, I recommended that most of my residential customers switch to Backblaze.

In the fall of 2019, Backblaze version 7 was released. Backblaze tends to automatically upgrade itself, but for reasons I haven’t been able to identify Backblaze version 6 doesn’t seem to always upgrade itself to version 7. Here are instructions on how to manually upgrade your Mac to Backblaze version 7. Version 7 adds compatibility with macOS Catalina (aka macOS 10.15). For a little bit more money, it also adds the ability to increase the file retention feature from 30 days to unlimited.

First, let’s determine which version of Backblaze is installed on your Mac.

  • On the menu bar, in the upper right corner of your Mac, click on the Backblaze icon and select About Backblaze.
  • A window appears which lists Backblaze’s version. After noting the version, click the red dot to close this window.

If you need to upgrade Backblaze, please follow these steps.

  1. If you have Backblaze version 6, then click on the Backblaze icon a second time and select Check for Updates.
  2. A window should appear which indicates that a new version, 7.x, is available.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. A web browser, such as Safari, will open your Mac and you’ll be taken to Backblaze’s web site.
  5. Click on macOS to download the Mac version of Backblaze.
  6. If you’re asked if you want to allow the download to occur, go ahead and grant permission.
  7. Open the install backblaze.dmg file that was downloaded.
  8. Double click the Backblaze Installer.app to start the installation process.
  9. If you’re notified that the Backblaze Installer.app was download from Internet, go ahead and click the Open button.
  10. Click the Install Now button.
  11. Type in your user account’s password to let the installation begin.
  12. When the installation finishes click the Finish & Close button.

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