A Quick Way To Send Sensitive Information: QuickForget.com

Have you ever need to share your password with somebody else? Have you ever sent a password via email? QuickForget is a good way to share sensitive information such as a password.

Sending passwords via email is frowned upon. Even if you know you’re using an encrypted connection to send your email from your computer to your email server, you don’t know that the recipient is necessarily using an encrypted connection between their email server and computer. Additionally, a paper trail is typically left behind unless you delete the message from your sent mail folder and the recipient deletes their copy. Consequently, QuickForget‘s easy-to-use website is a better option. Type in the information that you want to share, then click the Save My Secret button. By default your secret information is saved for 24 hours, but you can change this. You’re presented with a web page link that you can copy and send to a recipient. The recipient can then use this link to view the shared information. Clearly, you want to be careful in what information you (temporarily) save in QuickForget. For example, if you’re trying to share your bank account login credentials with your mother, you wouldn’t want to type in both your username and password. Instead, you might only type in your password. Then send a text to your mother with your bank account username. After that, send an email to your mother containing the QuickForget web page link. This way even if some bad person was able to access the saved information in the QuickFoget system, they wouldn’t have enough context to know how to use the secret information that they got from you.

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