Report Spam And Phishing Emails That Arrive In Your iCloud Inbox

Do you use an iCloud email account? (iCloud email accounts can end in any of the following suffixes:, or

Do some spam emails arrive in your Inbox? ¬†Apple’s spam filters are pretty effective, but nobody’s spam filters are perfect. Thus, if spam or phishing emails get past Apple’s spam filters and arrive in your Inbox, you can report them to Apple. Apple will then work on improving their spam filters.

Apple provides full details about how you should report them. Briefly, you need to send the unwanted email as an attachment. Send spam emails to . Send phishing emails to Here’s how to do this on your device.

  • If you use Apple’s Mail application on your Mac, then select the spam or phishing email by clicking on it. Then click on the Message menu and select Send As Attachment.
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook on your Mac, click on the message, then click on the Message menu and select Forward As Attachment.
  • To the best of my knowledge there is not a way to send an email as an attachment from an iPhone or iPad.

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