Time To Retire Windows 7 If You Use It In Parallels Or Fusion

Do you use either Parallels or VMWare Fusion on your Mac? Does your virtual machine  use the Windows 7 operating system? If so, it’s time to retire Windows 7 and switch to Windows 10. Windows 7 was released in 2009 and Microsoft ended mainstream support for it in 2015. Microsoft is ending their extended support in January 2020; so no more security updates. Switch to Windows 10 which was released in mid-2015 and receives regular updates. There are a number of ways to switch from Windows 7 to 10. The exact steps are beyond the scope of this article, but here’s an overview of some options. If you’re using a current version of Parallels, it has a built-in menu command for helping you to upgrade to Windows 10. You should make sure you have a current backup of your Windows 7 virtual machine before you attempt to upgrade it. Alternatively, you might prefer to create a new virtual machine using Windows 10. If you choose this option then you should be prepared to reinstall any applications that you rely on, in your virtual machine, such as QuickBooks or RevIT.

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