USB-C Adapters For Your New MacBook Pro Or MacBook Air

Have you bought a new Mac laptop that comes with USB-C ports on it? If so, you will likely need to buy one or more adapters in order to connect device too it. It’s not uncommon to need to connect any of the following types of devices to one’s Mac: an iPhone, a USB flash drive, a USB printer, an SD card from a camera, an external monitor or projector, maybe even an ethernet cable. Here are a few USB-C adapters that I commonly recommend. If you only need to connect one or two devices with standard (USB-A) ports then you might just want to buy some USB-C to USB-A adapters.

If you want to carry one adapter which’ll let you connect many different types of devices, then consider this Satechi multi-port adapter for about $80. This adapter has the following connectors on it: 3 USB-A ports, SD card slot, micro-SD card slot, ethernet, USB-C pass-through and an HDMI port to connect a monitor or video projector.

If none of these adapters meets your needs, please consider The Wire Cutter’s thorough review of USB-C adapters and hubs. For example, if you only need a USB-C to ethernet adapters, they have a recommendation. Or, if you want a small dock that’ll sit on your desk and let you connect all of your devices to it, then check out the Wire Cutter’s review.

The Wire Cutter’s review of USB-C video cables and adapters, is helpful if all you need to do is connect a monitor to your Mac. It lists options for connecting monitors with VGA, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connectors.