How To Take Screen Snapshots On Your Apple Watch

Did you know that you can take pictures of your Apple Watch’s screen? The procedure is simple. Press and hold the side button while simultaneously pressing and releasing the Digital Crown. The screen will flash briefly, when the photo is taken. You can read Apple’s illustrated article on how to take a watch screen snapshot.

The side button is, obviously, the oblong-shaped button on the side of your watch. The Digital Crown is the round knob on the side of your watch. In addition to twisting this knob you can press this button towards the body of the phone. 

Be aware that while this procedure is simple, you can also get some unexpected results:

If you press the Digital Crown by itself you’ll be taken to the Apple Watch’s Home Screen. For this reason, I recommend that you start by pressing the side button and then quickly press the Crown. If you don’t press the Crown soon enough then you’ll be presented with options to turn off your watch, view your Medical ID info or make an emergency call. If you get this screen, just tap Cancel which appears in the upper left corner.

If you press and hold the Digital Crown, by itself, you could invoke Siri. If this happens, just press and release the Crown to get out of this.

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