Increase Your Mac’s Storage Using an SD Card

Do you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro laptop that is running low on storage space? If so, there are a few ways you could increase the storage capacity of your laptop. One relatively easy and affordable option is to insert an SD (Secure Digital) card into the SD slot of your laptop. It’s important to be aware that SD cards are not as fast as a laptop’s built-in storage. Thus, it’s recommended that you store file that you’ll need infrequently, on the SD card. 

If you want to increase the storage of your Mac laptop by inserting an SD card you need to first make sure your Mac has an SD slot. Look on the left and right sides of your Mac and see if you see a slot that is about 1 inch wide. If so, you have an SD slot. Here’s some additional information to help you determine if your Mac has an SD slot.

  • 11-inch MacBook Airs do not have SD slots
  • 13-inch MacBooks Airs starting with the Late-2010 model to the 2017 model all have SD slots
  • 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros starting with the Mid-2009 model and ending with the Mid-2015 model all have SD slots.

Most SD cards protrude about a quarter of an inch from the side of the laptop when they are inserted into the SD slot. This makes them easy to grab to remove. If you want to leave this SD card in all the time then you might prefer to have an SD card that mounts flush to the side of your Mac laptop. To accomplish this you could buy a micro SD card, which is smaller than a regular SD card, and place it inside a flush-mount aluminum Micro SD adapter.

For example, you could buy a SanDisk MicroSD card and insert it into a BASEQI microSD adapter. At the time this article was written in early 2018, a 200 GB SanDisk Micro SD card costs about $75 and the microSD adapter costs about $25. Thus, for about $100 you could add 200 GB of storage to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Before you buy any particular product please make sure that it’ll work with your particular model of Mac laptop.

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