Review All AppleID Purchases Within The Last 90 Days

Have you ever wanted to view a list of items you’ve recently purchased using your AppleID? This would include all purchases made within iTunes, the iPhone App Store or the Mac App Store. Perhaps you need a receipt for your bookkeeper. Perhaps you want to review what your kids have bought. Perhaps you do not recognize a charge on your monthly credit card bill. Apple now offers an easy way for you to view all purchases made over the past 3 months. 

To view all purchased tied to your AppleID over the past 90 days, please do this:

  • Open Safari or another web browser and visit
  • Sign-in using your AppleID name and password.
  • You should see a window similar to the one shown below.
  • You can browse your purchases within a category such as Music or Apps.
  • You can click a Report A Problem button next to any individual purchase if you wish to challenge this purchase with Apple.
  • If you want a receipt, click on the Receipts tab, locate the item and then click the Receipt button.

Recent AppleID purchases


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