Photos’ Enticing But Confusing Album Named “All Photos”

If you use Apple’s Photos application, please read this tip which I think you will find helpful. Apple released Photos for the Mac in April 2015 so the majority of Mac users have migrated to it by now. Open Photos and look at the left-hand Sidebar. If you don’t see the Sidebar, then click on the View menu and select Show Sidebar

Photos Sidebar

Your Sidebar will look similar to the one displayed here. Notice the section simply named Photos in the upper left corner. Then in the Albums section notice the All Photos  album. Which of these would you click on if you want to see all of photos? Photos or All Photos? Both of these will actually let you view all of your photos, but there is one very important difference between these two.

  • When you click on Photos, you’ll see all of your photos sorted chronologically
  • When you click on the All Photos album you’ll see all of your photo sorted by import order

It took me a while to figure out this subtle difference and I have been asked by a number of confused clients why their photographs are not in chronological order. I discover that these clients have clicked on the All Photos album and thus they are viewing their photos by import order. My clients are relieved when I click on the Photos section and show them their photos in chronological order. I am often asked why Apple would choose to put photos in import order and not have any indication that this is the case. I struggle to come up with a good answer, but at least now you know that this is happening.

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