1. My Apple ID and iTunes ID are the same, but by iTunes password is clearly different from my Apple ID password. How can this be?

  2. I changed my applied password. Am trying to purchase a movie. iTunes Store keeps repeating and asking password, sends me a text #. I follow all instructions and it does not go through..repeat and repeat

  3. iTunes keeps asking for password. I enter my new appleid and receive a text with numbers. I follow instructions and it repeats the same but sends new numbers every time. Trying to rent a movie

    • Sorry, you’re getting stuck during the sign in process. I wonder if your Mac is using an older version of the Mac operating system and thus it’s not able to display a place for you to enter the numbers that Apple sends to you. If this is the case, please carefully read the instructions displayed on your Mac. I believe the instructions indicate that you should type in your AppleID password followed by the numbers that Apple sends you. If you need further assistance please call AppleCare. In the US the number is 800-275-2273

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