ScanSnap S500M Replacing Roller and Assembly Pads

Does your Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner have problems feeding documents? I love my ScanSnap and have used it nearly every day for many years. It finally had problems reliably grabbing pages and feeding them. The pages’ leading edge would get stuck and I’d have to fuss a bit to get the paper to feed properly. Earlier this year, I cleaned my ScanSnap and this helped, but didn’t fully resolve the situation. The manual for my ScanSnap S500M recommends replacing the pick-up roller and pad assembly every 50,000 scans or every year. My ScanSnap has only scanned about 8,000 pages but I’ve never replaced these parts in 9 years, so I figured it’s time. I ordered an official Fujitsu Consumables Kit for my model. It cost about $100. The kit contains 1 Pick Roller and 2 Pad Assembly. I followed the instructions in my ScanSnap’s manual and easily replaced the parts in about 20 minutes. This fixed my problem. My ScanSnap now reliably feeds paper again. The ScanSnap only has 1 pad assembly inside but the consumables kit contains 2 so now I have a spare which I can install then the ScanSnap starts acting up in another 7 years.

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