Clean Your ScanSnap

Do you use a Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner? Have you ever cleaned it? I recently cleaned my ScanSnap and it fixed a paper feed issue I was having. I’ve previously recommended Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners. I’ve owned my ScanSnap S500M since the beginning of 2007 and I’ve never cleaned it since it has performed nearly flawlessly. This summer, after racking up over 7000 scans, my ScanSnap started to have problems properly feeding documents, so I looked at the manual for recommended cleaning instructions. I learned that it’s recommended that you clean your ScanSnap every 1000 scans!

To check the number of sheets of paper that you’ve scanned do this:

  • Open ScanSnap Manager
  • Click on the ScanSnap Manger menu and select About ScanSnap Manager
  • Click the Detail button.
  • A window will appear listed several details including the total page count which is the number of scans that you’ve performed.

The manual for my S500M had two illustrated pages that showed me the items that should be gently wiped clean. Fujitsu recommends their own cleaning solution, but I wasn’t able to find this product for sale anywhere. Some online research led me to some very helpful web sites that indicate that in place of Fujitsu’s cleaning solution, you can use 91% (or higher) isoprpyl alcohol wipes. It was easy to buy individually wrapped 99% isopropyl alcohol wipes. I used two wipes to clean the pad assembly, glass and a whole slew of rollers.

If you own an S500 or S510 ScanSnap here’s a video that shows you how to clean your ScanSnap model. This website provides written instructions for both cleaning and replacing consumable parts in the S500 and S510 ScanSnaps. In my S500M the pick roller and pad assembly need to be replaced after 100,000 and 50,000 sheets respectively. Fortunately, I’m nowhere near these totals.

I also found the DocumentSnap web site which is all about how to go paperless using a ScanSnap. It lists some detailed cleaning instructions as well as much, much more information about ScanSnaps.

I hope your cleaning bring your ScanSnap back to its optimal performance.

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