When Should You Not Click On The Unsubscribe Button

Do you get emails that you do not want to receive? We all do. I hope you know that you should often click the unsubscribe button which appears at the bottom of these emails to truly stop receiving those messages. But, do you know when you should not click the unsubscribe button? Here are some guidelines:

Use the unsubscribe button when the emails come from a legitimate organization or familiar person like AAA, Radio Shack, Martha Stewart, etc. or any online vendor that you recognize and with whom you have done business.

Please don’t use the unsubscribe button when the email is advertising viagra, offering to enhance a body part, refinance your mortgage or offer you sexy woman who are waiting to meet you. The reason for this is that the sender of these emails won’t honor your request since they do not really want to give you a way to unsubscribe. Instead, by clicking the button you are only confirming that your email address is active and thus, you are more likely to continue receiving these messages. Consequently, this action can be counter-productive.

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