Rackspace Email Set Up Assistant

Do you use Rackspace as your email provider? If so, Rackspace has a great email set up web page. This page provides illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Rackspace email account on computers, smartphones or tablets. You select which operating system is running on your device and it provides you instructions specific to your email account. You only need to know your email address and password. One of my favorite features of this email set up assistant is that it offers an automatic way of setting up smartphones.

To use this smartphone automatic set up feature, you need to enter your cell phone number so Rackspace’s system can send a text message to your smartphone which contains all of the configuration details.  Here’s a quick overview of the process. Again, Rackspace provides illustrated step-by-step instructions.
Visit the email set up web page and login using your email address and password.
  • Click “Set Up My Email”
  • Click “Phone”
  • Click “iOS”
  • Click “Automatic” then type in your cell phone number, set “Day to Sync” to 1 week or 1 month (your choice) and click Submit
  • Wait about 10 seconds for a text to be sent to your iPhone
  • Open the text and click on the link in the message.
  • You’ll be asked to install a Profile. Tap the Install button in the upper right corner
  • Type in your iPhone security code if you have one set up
  • Tap the Install button
  • Enter the password for your email account (listed above) and then tap Next
  • Tap Done

That’s it. It’s pretty slick.

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