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Do you ever need to buy a printer, speakers, iPhone case or some other gadget for your computer or home? If so, check out the detailed product reviews and recommendations offered by The Wire Cutter. I’ve used this web site for a few years to do product research for myself and my customers. I cannot list all of the types of products that they review, but I have used the web site to select bluetooth keyboards, portable hard drives, USB flash drives, 27″ computer monitors, printers, bluetooth speakers, projectors, wireless routersTVs, and online backup systems.

The list below shows you some of the range of products that they review:

The Best Wireless Exercise Headphones

The Best Water Bottles

The Best Yoga Mat

The Best Paper Shredders

The Best Standing Desks

The Best Everyday Rain Jacket

The Best Fitness Trackers

I like their transparency. They talk about how they do their work and indicate that when readers use their links to buy products, they earn affiliate commissions which helps to support their work. Check out The Wire Cutter the next time you’re in the market to buy a gadget or a gizmo.


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