Use Hermes To Listen To Pandora On Your Mac

Do you use Pandora, the music streaming service? To listen to Pandora do you open a web browser and visit the Pandora website? If so, consider using Hermes instead. Hermes is a free application which you would install on your Mac. Hermes works with both free and paid Pandora accounts. While Pandora offers their own Mac app, it only works if you have a paid Pandora account, called a Pandora One account. Additionally, the Pandora app relies on Adobe Air. This isn’t bad, but it makes it a bit tougher to get installed and working. Hermes currently requires OS X Mavericks (aka OS X 10.9). Hermes is not perfect, but it works very well in my experience. Download Hermes, login with your Pandora username and password and you are ready to use it. All of your Pandora stations will appear. Hermes has a small window that is easy to slide out of the way when you aren’t using it.

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