FollowUpThen: A Multifaceted Email Reminder System

Do you want to be able to email reminders to yourself or to others? Consider using FollowUpThen. A few weeks ago I wrote a TechTip about SendLater, which lets you schedule emails to be sent to you or somebody else in the future. While there is overlap between these two products, FollowUpThen has some additional features.

To get a quick overview of what FollowUpThen is and how it works, you could start by watching this minute-long video overview of FollowUpThen.

FollowUpThen is free to try and continues to be free if you have light usage needs. There are also Personal, Professional and Company plans that cost $2/month, $5/month and $9/month, respectively. Each plan allows a greater number of monthly reminders and comes with additional features. This table compares the various plans. I’ve upgraded to the Professional plan.

Here are some of the ways that I use FollowUpThen:

  1. FollowUpThen lets me schedule recurring reminders which get sent weekly or monthly to my clients. The reminders help them to remember to swap their backup hard drives.
  2. FollowUpThen lets me send SMS text reminders to my cell phone. This way I can get reminders even when I’m not in front of my computer. These reminders remind me to run a particular errand at the end of the day or to place a phone call.
  3. FollowUpThen lets me send email reminders which arrive 24 hours ahead of our scheduled appointment.
  4. FollowUpThen also supports task reminders. Every day I get an email reminder until I click a button in the email which indicates that I’ve completed the tax.
  5. FollowUpThen lets me schedule automatic reminder emails to an email recipient if I haven’t received an email reply within a allotted number of days.
  6. I also really like the daily preview that FollowUpThen sends me to let me know what reminders will occur in the coming week. I can easily reschedule or cancel a reminder by clicking the appropriate button in this email. I can also configure my calendar application to list all scheduled reminders.

There are literally dozens of ways to employ FollowUpThen to help you stay on top of the tasks in your life. Check it out if you think it could help you. If you choose to sign-up, please use my FollowUpThen Referral Link so I’ll get credit. Thanks.


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