Dropbox’s Selective Sync Feature

If you use Dropbox, you might want to know about its Selective Sync feature. Dropbox is a file sharing system. I gave a brief overview of Dropbox previously. The Selective Sync feature lets you select which files you want to download and store on a given computer. This can be handy if you have a laptop with a relatively small hard drive or if you store completed projects in Dropbox, but do not need to regularly access these files. Dropbox has written instructions about how to use the Selective Sync feature so I won’t provide step-by-step instructions. Just remember, if you want to access the files that you have deselected in Selective Sync, you have two options. You can visit the Dropbox website and login to your account or you could re-visit the Selective Sync settings and set the folders to sync, then wait for their contents to be downloaded to your Mac.

A word of caution. While you may choose to employ Selective Sync on one of your Macs, please make sure that you have at least one Mac that does not use Selective Sync. This way you’ll have at least one mac that has a full local copy of all of the data that you store in Dropbox. Also, make sure that this particular Mac is backed up so you have your own backup of all of the data you store in Dropbox.

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