Regus Offers Virtual, Mobile and Full-Time Offices

You might be interesting in learning about Regus if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you work out of your home but occasionally want an office or a conference room for a few hours, an entire day or a few days each month?
  • Do you travel around the country or the world and need a quiet place to work or meet?
  • Are you starting a business and want an equipped office without needing to sign a long-term lease and invest time and money to get the office furnished and provisioned with phone and Internet service?
  • Do you want a virtual office where you can receive faxes, phone calls and mail delivery?

Regus offers virtual, mobile and full-time offices. I learned about Regus from one of my clients who rents office space from the Regus office in Ballard, which opened in October 2013. My client rents a full-time office, but Regus also rents offices part-time or on just about any other schedule you’d like. Offices come with phone and Internet service as well as office furniture, if you wish. A receptionist is available to greet visitors. A well-equipped kitchen with free coffee and tea is available, and catered food is an option. Printers, copiers, and fax machines are also available. Many Regus centers have video conferencing rooms which can be used to connect to both Regus and non-Regus video conferencing facilities around the world.

Regus’ virtual office offerings include a receptionist to handle your mail and phone calls plus monthly limited use of a private office, as well as access to business lounges, offices, and conference rooms at any of the approximately 1500 Regus offices in 600 cities in 100 countries.

Personally, I signed up for Regus’ mobile office offering called Businessworld. I travel around town all day to meet with clients, but I sometimes have an hour or more between appointments. I can work out of my car or a coffee shop, but sometimes I want a quiet workspace for a phone call or faster, more reliable Internet service. At other times, I just don’t want to work out of my home-office. I find Regus’ business lounges very suitable. Regus has offices in the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland area with a few more offices scheduled to open in 2014. Business Lounges are open, non-private, shared work spaces with an assortment of desks and work spaces. Internet and phone service is provided. I can use the well-equipped kitchen and enjoy complimentary coffee or tea. I also have access to printers, copiers, and fax machines. If I ever want to rent a private office or conference room I’m able to do that as well. I even have access to business lounges in across the country and around the globe.

Check out Regus for a wide selection of virtual, mobile and full-time office solutions.

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