Easily Email Safari Web Pages or Their Addresses

Do you frequently want to email either a web page’s contents or its address? If so, here are two methods to do this using Safari version 6. Visit a web page, then go to the File menu and select Share, then Email This Page. (In older versions of Safari you do not have to first select the Share command.) Your default email application will open and display a new mail message showing the web page’s contents. Simply fill in the recipient’s email address and send it on its way. If you only want to send a link to the web page then hold down the Shift key as you click on the File menu. Then the Email This Page command changes its name to Email Link To This Page.

This first method works well if you only want to email one web page. If, on the other hand, you want to mail links to multiple web pages or tabs, then install a Safari Extension named Mail Open Tabs. This extension lets you email links to all tabs on either the current page or all web pages. This option is controlled in Mail Open Tabs’ preferences. To get to its preferences go to the Safari menu, select Preferences and then click on the Extensions button. Select Mail Open Tabs and adjust its settings.

Mail Open Tabs adds a button to Safari’s Toolbar. Click this button and your default email application will open and display a new message containing links. Address this email and send it on its way.

Note: Apple added support for Extensions in Safari version 5 so this second method requires Safari 5 or higher.

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