Easily Create a Contact List

Do you store your contact information in Apple’s Contacts application? If so, you can easily create a contact list by dragging contacts into Apple’s spreadsheet application, Numbers. Numbers is not as commonly used as Excel, but the more I use Numbers the more I like it. I recently discovered this incredible feature. Contacts is the new name for Apple’s Address Book, as it was known in previous versions of OS X. To create a contact list, simply select one or more contact records in Contacts and drag them into a Numbers files and a list will appear.

To select multiple contacts in Contacts, hold down the Command key as you click on each contact. After dragging the select contacts into Numbers, the contact list will only include each person’s first name, last name, email address and phone number. If you don’t have this information for each of your contacts then a blank will appear. Any other details that are included in the contact records will be ignored. Watch the video demonstration below that shows you how easy it is to do this. Features like this demonstrate how Apple offers amazing integration between their applications.


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