Scanning and Shredding Services from US Archive

Do you have boxes of papers that you’d like to scan so you can empty your closet or storage area then easily access them on your Mac laptop when you travel?

Do you have some large blueprints or drawings that don’t fit on your office scanner? Do you want to convert microfilm to be read on your Mac?

In any of these cases, you should check out US Archive and Imaging Services (USArchive). They are an Issaquah-based company that can help you with your scanning, document management and shredding needs while using their standard and large-format, high-speed scanners to scan any documents. They prep your documents first by removing staples, sticky notes and even paperclips, then they turn your documents into searchable PDFs or any other file type you desire. US Archive offers cloud-based and on-premise document access as well as storage solutions.  Once the scanning is finished you have some choices. They will return your documents in the exact order that you gave them to them, or if you’d like they can securely destroy (shred) the documents.

There are several factors that affect the cost of your job, but in general a rough cost would be around 9 cents per page (this including prep, scanning and indexing.) Note, a standard records box holds about 2,200 sheets of paper. I recently had them scan a box of my records and found them to be very responsive and friendly. If you’d like to learn more about US Archive and their services, check out their Frequently Asked Questions web page.

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