Donate Your Old Computer to Interconnection

In previous Tech Tips, I’ve recommended that you donate your old computer and computer peripherals to Interconnection. I like this group so much that I’d like to tell you more about them.

Interconnection is a non-profit based in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood (more details below). They are more then an electronics recycling company. They are Washington State’s largest computer refurbisher. They have sent 25,000 refurbished computers to 40 countries by teaming with World Concern, the Peace Corps, World Vision and other non-profit groups. Additionally, they have given 4,000 low-income people computer maintenance and repair skills. They are a very responsible recycler and are the first recycle in the US to have¬†earned both R2 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Interconnection often offers special deals on slightly used computers for low-income people. Currently, they are selling laptops for $170 and reduced cost Internet service through CenturyLink, a local phone company.

You can donate the following items for free: computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, cords, memory modules, hard drives, small speakers, cell phones, ink cartridges, television sets, printers, scanners and other computer peripherals. Please contact them to learn what they will and won’t accept.

Interconnection offers free secure erasing of your hard drives which over-writes all of the data on the drive, if the drives is operable. If not, they will physically destroy the hard drive. They offer free pick-ups for business customers with 3 or more computers.

Interconnection is located at

1109 35th St Seattle WA 98103

They are right off of Stone Way.

No appointment is needed.

Simply make your donations between these hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 or Sat 10-5. They are closed on Sunday.

Also check out their retail store of used computers and peripherals. Check their web site for any changes to their hours of operation or location.

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