How to Identify Which Macintosh Model You Own

There are a number of instances when it could be really useful to know exactly which model of Macintosh computer you own. Here are instructions to identify which model you have.

Did you know that Apple has made Macintosh computers named iMac since 1998? That’s 14 years and counting of various iMac models. Do you know which specific iMac model you own? You may know that you have an 20″ Intel iMac, for example, but there are actually 4 different versions of the 20″ Intel iMac.

To distinguish your Mac from all of the similarly named Macs you need to know its Model Identifier, which can be found by doing the following.

  • Click on the Apple menu, then select About This Mac.
  • In the window that appears click either the More Info or System Report button. (You’ll see More Info if you’re Mac is using Mac OS X 10.1-10.6. If your Mac is using Mac OS X 10.7 or higher then you’ll see the System Report button.)
  • In either case, you’ll be taken to the Hardware Overview which will list your Model Identifier.

The Model Identifier lets you or others determine the nitty gritty details of your model. The Model Identifier is useful so the proper accessories or cables for your Mac can be provided. It lets you know specifically what type of memory (RAM) you need to buy for your Mac. It also helps you determine the age of a Mac in case you’re looking at a used Mac. I don’t have all of the nitty gritty details memorized for each model. Instead, I use either the MacTracker Mac or iOS app or the EveryMac web site to lookup the details once I know the Model Identifier. In March 25’s Tech Tip it will be important to know your Mac’s Model Identifier so you can buy the correct cables to connect your Mac to your TV.


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