Tetrax’s XWay – A Great iPhone Holder for Your Car

Are you looking for an iPhone holder which will move with you between cars and work with various iPhone models? If so, you should take a look at Tetrax’s XWAY.[Update Nov 2015: When I replaced my iPhone 4 with an iPhone 5S, I couldn’t get a new magnetic to affix to my iPhone 5S so I couldn’t continue to use my Tetrax. I bought an iOttie iTap Magnetic Air Vent Mount. It worked great. Then two years later I replaced my iPhone 5S with the enormous iPhone 6 Plus. This iPhone is so large that the iOttie’s magnet wasn’t able to hold the device. The iPhone kept falling off the magnetic mount. Fortunately, I have two air vents, one above the other so I bought a second iOttie and together they now firmly hold my iPhone 6 Plus.]

This holder clips to the louvers on one of your car’s vents by spinning the knob at the center of the XWAY. At the center of this x-shaped knob is a strong magnet with a concave center. The XWAY comes with several thin magnetic discs which each have a central bulge. After affixing one of these disks to the back of your iPhone or its case, you can easily connect it to the magnet at the center of the XWAY. The bulge on the back of your iPhone will fit snugly into the concave center of the magnet on the XWAY. When you want to detach your iPhone it’s best to slide the phone to the left or right. If you attempt to pull it straight off the XWAY, you run the risk of pulling the XWAY off the vent’s louvre.

I like this clip because you can unscrew it and easily move it from one car to another. Additionally, since it holds an iPhone in place via magnets, it can work with any model. In fact, it could be used to hold other small electronic devices like GPS units too.

In my car, I attached the XWAY to a vent that is near the middle of the steering wheel. This way, I can easily glance down to see the caller ID information displayed on the iPhone’s screen. Additionally, the vent is within reach of my car’s cigarette lighter and the Belkin iPhone charger which I keep plugged into the cigarette lighter. This way, I can recharge my iPhone as needed. The magnets on the iPhone are strong, so they hold the it firmly in place, which I appreciate. I don’t want a loose iPhone to sliding around on me.

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